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Financial Institutions Help Desks Targeted by Fraudsters

July 30 | Tuesday | 11 AM MDT | 1 PM EDT

About This Webinar

Join Our Expert-Led Webinar: Financial industry help desks are being targeted by cybercriminals. Despite robust Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protocols, IT Help Desks often remain vulnerable due to reliance on insecure verification methods.

This webinar will showcase real-world breach scenarios and highlight how these can be mitigated through advanced verification technologies. Learn how Okta MFA can verify your callers and strengthen the ability to defend against identity-based attacks at the help desk. Explore the way to reduce your fraud-to-sales ratio.

Why You Should Join

Insight into Recent Advisories: Understand the context and implications of the latest FBI advisory, focusing on the finance industry

Caller Verification Vulnerabilities: Discover the weak points in current caller verification practices that leave financial institutions exposed

Secure Caller Verification Methods: Learn how Okta MFA can be used to securely verify callers in under 10 seconds, reducing impersonation risks and fraud-to-sales ratio

Q&A: Engage with our experts to ask questions and get advice tailored to your organization's needs

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