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Thu, May 23 | 11:00 AM MDT | Zoom Webinar

Addressing the US Health Dept Advisory On Help Desk Attacks

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About the Webinar

Join our expert-led webinar to explore the critical vulnerabilities of healthcare IT Help Desks. We'll address the alarming trend of security breaches stemming from insufficient authentication practices. Organizations apply Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to their online and mobile experiences, while leaving the IT Help Desk protected only by weak security questions. This is comparable to locking the front door while leaving the window open. Bad actors have noticed the open window of the IT Help Desk in a BIG way this year, using it as an entry point for breaches. In this session, you will learn from real-world breaches, discuss existing security gaps, and discover how to effectively apply cybersecurity strategies to IT Help Desks in healthcare settings to reduce risks and operational costs. Learn how Okta MFA can verify your callers and provide a robust layer of security, closing the window that has been left open.

Main points discussed in the webinar are:

Introduction to IT Vulnerabilities in Healthcare

Identifying the Challenges with Traditional Verification Methods

Real-World Consequences of Inadequate Security

Exploring Caller Verify Solution and its Benefits

Q&A session

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