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Call Center: The Weakest Link

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Headlines like “Bank won't reimburse Ottawa woman who lost $23K to fraudsters, family says” | CBC News this past week are not only costly to a Financial Institution from an investigative standpoint but also to their reputation. What if your Financial Institution took real steps to prevent call center fraud and could show your customers what you are doing about it?

Questions for caller validation are inherently insecure, with most answers found on social media with a little digging. Balancing ease of customer experience with the level of security that allows everyone to sleep better at night is difficult and time consuming.

Or is it?

What if, simply by owning a smart phone, customers could verify who they are in less time than it takes to ask their name?

What if your customers could simply answer a push notification that confirms their identity and gives them the same assurance they get when they sign into their Google account on a different device?

And what if the cases of fraudsters succeeding in their exploitation of financial institutions and customers became so rare that the headline read “Wow they succeeded!” instead of “It happened again”?

With TechJutsu’s patent pending Caller Verify system, a Financial Institution’s service desk could have a caller verified in less than 30 seconds, giving them more time to assist that customer with the reason for the call while knowing they are assisting the right customer and not a fraudster.

If you are part of a Financial Institution, contact us today to book a demonstration of Caller Verify. If you use a Financial Institution, contact them, and ask them to implement Caller Verify to protect you and your life savings.

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