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Caller Verify: Our Grandparents Story

The story of TechJutsu Caller Verify is the story of our grandparents. Our loved ones who have seen the evolution of the television, the car, and the internet all in their lifetime. In no other time in history did progress happen as fast and with change that can potentially be dangerous for some members of our society. When our grandparents were younger, security was locking your doors at night and the person on the other end of the phone was who they said they were. The thought of someone stealing your identity was pure science fiction.

In the beginning of Identity Management, institutions implemented the best system at the time by asking their customers to set security questions or they would ask the regarding information about the account their customers were calling about. Well with an aging population who are experiencing memory issues or rely on their family to take care of tasks like submitting taxes or setting up accounts, these questions often cause this treasured population to feel embarrassed or confused.

That was the birth of Caller Verify, a patent pending solution developed by TechJutsu that will bring freedom and accessibility to an aging population that needs it most. Caller Verify sends a verification message to the customers mobile phone and can be directed to press the Yes button when they have initiated contact with the organization. This also means that if they didn’t initiate a call, they can end that fraud attempt by selecting they decline button putting the control of their identity back in their hands, and well as their dignity.

If you have a customer base that could benefit from simplifying the verification process let TechJutsu make that customer experience the best it can be. To book a live demonstration click this link to Book Online today.


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