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Crayonic + Okta: Passwordless Single Sign-On

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Sometimes your users just can’t use a password – their hands are full, or they can’t be ungloving and re-gloving their hands to type on a common keyboard. Okta can reduce the number of times your users have to sign in, but if you need to get rid of that initial log-on, there are tools that can help.

We at TechJutsu are always keeping an eye out for ways for you to get even more value out of your existing Okta investment. As part of this effort, we have partnered with Crayonic, who offer unphishable multifactor authentication with a smart security key.

The Crayonic Smart Security Key

If you’re familiar with old-school RSA tokens, the Crayonic KeyVault™ might come as a surprise. This sleek security key is linked to its owner with a fingerprint, voice or handwritten PIN, that ensures it can’t be stolen and used by a bad actor. It fits easily on a keychain or in a pocket, so it can travel with you anywhere you go. ( Note: If lost or stolen it can be securely restored using Multi Party Computing techniques.)

Crayonic is FIDO2 certified, so it can work with any modern system or vendor. And as a bonus, it looks great doing it.

Is an Authentication Token the Right Fit for your Organization?

Hard tokens may not be for every business. Here are some questions to think about when considering if they are right for you:

  • Do you have users who can benefit from proximity authentication? (e.g., doctors logging into a terminal who can’t type in passwords, users using card readers)

  • Do you have users who need to authenticate to company resources on mobile devices? Crayonic KeyVault™ is Bluetooth and NFC enabled, so it can authenticate a user to their phone or tablet just by being near the device!

  • Do you have high security requirements that needs users to authenticate with step-up biometrics and a physical token? The Crayonic KeyVault™ can be plugged in to a computer and used in the same manner as U2F tokens or USB smart cards.

  • How can a modern solution work with my legacy applications? Quite well! Crayonic can function like a traditional RSA/OTP token, with a code that users can type or as an X509/PKI compatible smart card.

Your Next Steps

If you’re ready to set your organization free from password pain, book a meeting to get started integrating Crayonic KeyVault™ in your Okta environment today!


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