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Cut Cart Abandonment with Okta and TechJutsu

If you’ve ever shopped online, you’re familiar with the struggle of trying to remember all of your ecommerce passwords. You’ve probably given up on a cart or two, leaving your purchase behind in favor of an easier experience elsewhere.

Nearly 74% of online shopping carts are abandoned, translating to millions of dollars of lost revenue for ecommerce retailers. One of the biggest causes of cart abandonment is poor user experience, especially cumbersome forgot password flows and fiddly passwords.

What if you could fix this?

What if you could quickly verify your customers with their unique typing pattern and link them to their account with no password required?

What if you could securely sign into the services you want without an annoying password, password reset flow, or app download?

There is a way!

You might not realize this, but your typing pattern is unique to you, just like your fingerprint and other biometrics. TechJutsu and Okta can help you use a typing pattern to authenticate your shoppers and recover revenue that would otherwise be lost to your competitors.

Want to see how much revenue you could recover? Check out our Revenue Recovery Calculator.

Are you ready to fix your customer friction woes? Book now to learn more!


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