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Expert Financial Institution Fraud Detection

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

A TechJutsu Integration of Okta + Shape Security

Any financial institution looking for an easy to implement, user-friendly, and secure member solution that integrates the right solutions in a way that makes sense and is future ready knows the struggle of finding several pieces of the puzzle scattered throughout the world of IAM. That's why TechJutsu combined the fraud alerting provided by Shape Security, the industry leading Identity Software provided by Okta, and the user-friendliness of the financial institution's existing digital banking platform to create a full picture financial template that reduces risk and provides a great member experience. Through this template, every financial institution has the opportunity to lead the digital banking revolution by implementing this adaptive, future ready solution.

We put together a demo video that demonstrates the power of these solutions:

Your Next Steps

This adaptive template can be molded to fit your financial institution's every need. Book a meeting with us to start the discussion on what this will look like for your organization!


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