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Financial Template

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Okta + Shape + TechJutsu Caller Verify

Building a great customer experience with security baked-in comes with a lot of questions such as:

  • How do you manage your customers pushing back on change?

  • How do you avoid a front page article about a customer data breach or fraud?

  • How do you provide your organization with security and usability into the future?

The Problem

How do you find an easy to implement, user-friendly, and secure customer solution that integrates the right solutions for you in a way that makes sense and is future ready.

The Statistics

  • Canadian Financial Institutions lost $860 million to fraudulent transactions in 2018

  • 20% of all credit card losses are due to synthetic Identity Fraud

  • The average cost of a fraudulent credit application is $1000

  • 95% of bot, bulk phishing, and targeted attacks are prevented with Multi-Factor-Authentication

  • 36% of customers would consider leaving a Financial Institution if there was a data breach

The Solution

TechJutsu integrates the fraud alerting provided by Shape Security, the user-friendliness provided by your digital banking platform of choice, and the industry leading Identity software provided by Okta to bring you a full picture Financial Template that reduces risk and provides a great customer experience so you can lead the digital banking revolution by implementing our adaptive, future-ready solution.

Risk Reduction

Reduce the risk of exposure of customer data and decrease fraud losses including chargebacks and unauthorized fund transfers with step-up MFA on risky transactions that prevents up to 95% of fraudulent transactions, targeted attacks, and bot attacks.

Customer Experience

Implement a tested solution that makes e-banking even easier for customers and prevents pushback. Customers are continuously demanding ever higher levels of service, and technology is making it easier to switch banks. Keep your customers loyal to you by providing easier and more secure authentication to your IVR, online, and mobile banking experiences.

How It Works

1) A user securely logs on to their online banking platform using Okta's widget

2) The user acts in a way that is inconsistent with their normal behaviour (typing slower, using a different browser, coming from a different location, trying to preform an unusual transaction etc.) triggering Shape Security to determine the activity is suspicious

3) Shape signals the e-banking platform to present an Okta Step-Up Authentication to verify the user

4) Fraud averted!

The Future

Well vetted vendors you trust have created a user-friendly and secure online banking solution that sets you apart from your competition with a stunning user interface and branded design. Customer's profiles are filled in with missing data like emails through a registration process, and multiple profiles for each unique customer is eliminated. Customers can securely and easily access their bank accounts anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Customers First

Make customer verification easy with Okta's tested one push second factor for your online banking, mobile banking, and IVR for hassle free customer verification anytime, anywhere, that will leave your customers saying "that was easy".

Project Timeline

Save your company the time it takes to learn and implement a user-friendly and secure customer banking solution. With our proven template, your path to providing customers with a revolutionary digital banking experience is clear and easy.

TechJutsu's Financial Template

All three of these solutions bring a different piece of the puzzle to your customer's banking experience. TechJutsu's FI experience means we can seamlessly integrate these together, providing you with the best possible solution.

Your Next Steps

Book a meeting for a free coffee with our founder to get started on leading the digital banking revolution today.


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