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Is Your Bank Vulnerable to Voice AI?

Are you using voice authentication to verify your customers? Hundreds of financial institutions are. While this might seem like a convenient way to check it’s really your customer making that e-transfer, voice authentication is less secure than ever!

Fraudsters have always had tricks to get voice samples illicitly, but with Microsoft’s new VALL-E AI, mimicking any voice requires no more than three seconds of audio. Even a few words will be enough for a fraudster to get a sample of your customer’s voice that can fool your security system and cause a costly and embarrassing breach.

Luckily, Caller Verify is here to save the day! Caller Verify offers call center and help desk caller verification via a secure push notification to a caller’s cell phone. Using the same familiar factors your customers use for online and mobile banking, you can make verification secure and easy.

You’ll always know your customers are who they say they are. Keep the bad guys away with Caller Verify!

Caller Verify allows callers to verify themselves with one touch by sending a simple push notification to the account owner’s registered cell phone. Replace your vulnerable voice recognition and frustrating security questions with quick and secure verification now.

It’s time to move to authentication that can’t be mimicked. Book now with TechJutsu and get Caller Verify for your financial institution today!


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