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TechJutsu's Assess and Advise Package

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

TechJutsu's services cover everything from an assessment of your current Identity and Access Management solution to maintenance of existing systems. If you're looking for a full solution from start to finish, then assess and advise is the place to start!

During the first phase of our relationship with your organization, we look at your current state to get a full picture of your Identity and Access Management needs and make recommendations. Your assessment will help us find ways to reduce operating expenses, reduce security risks, and eliminate technical debt.

Return on Investment

If you need a clear understanding of your return on investment to show your team why they should invest in an IAM project, we have you covered. In our assessments we identify:

  • Technical debt you can eliminate

  • Cost and time savings through automation

  • Risks of worst-case scenarios and their cost to you

  • Enhancements to user experience

In addition to describing these numbers in detail, we provide C-level visual descriptions to help you get the buy in you need!


Are you tired of going into a project without a clear idea of how much it will cost and how long it will take? Let us phase out your proposed project into digestible blocks with clear costs, a clear timeline, and a clearly identified list of what resources you will have to engage. Knowing is power!

Risk Management

Do you need to know what project risks you have, so you can mitigate them? After decades of identity projects, we know where to look for the land mines and can make helpful recommendations to make sure you know how to avoid them.

How Does This Work?

What's Next?

Once you fully understand your return on investment, what needs to be done, how long it will take, and who needs to be involved, you can advise your decision makers so they can make the best decision for your organization. Once a decision has been made, we can move forward to the implementation phase.

Your Next Steps

Book a meeting to learn what the assessment process will look like for you!


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