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TechJutsu's Implementation and Hand-Off Package

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Whether you've gone through the assess and advise process with us, or have picked out your own Identity and Access Management solution, we've got you covered. During this phase of our relationship with you, we implement the solution in your non-prod and production environment and integrate your solution with key systems. We aim to bring you a fantastic user and customer experience while implementing an IAM solution that reduces your security risks.

Return on Investment

During our implementation, we deliver often and early to maximize your return on investment by:

  • Reducing help desk effort

  • Eliminating technical debt

  • Reducing time spent and costs through automation

  • Eliminating the risk of worst-case scenarios

  • Elevating user experience

TechJutsu's efforts will save your organization an impressive amount of time and money.

Communication is Key

At TechJutsu, we know communication is everything. That's why we prepare your users and customers with documents designed to match your organization's branding for a seamless transition. We engage your help desk and organizational teams early and thoroughly train them for the change. We build champions within key units to keep all units involved and informed to ensure adoption success.

Risk Management

TechJutsu minimizes your risks by doing unit tests after changes. We engage your organization's change manager to ensure we don't conflict with other systems and events, and we always make sure to get appropriate approval before making any production changes.


We make sure that there is a smooth transition to operations with a run book, help desk guide, and operational and help desk training. We'll make sure you have everything you need to ensure user acceptance.

How Does This Work?

What's Next?

Once your IAM solution is fully operational, TechJutsu can provide optional maintenance packages that include health checks, new feature updates, suspicious activity reports, success meetings, and more. If your organization is ready to handle system maintenance, them we're happy to painlessly part ways.

Your Next Steps

Book a meeting to learn what the implement and hand-off process will look like for you!


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