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Time to Think Beyond the Password

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Adding Value with TechJutsu, Beyond, and Okta

If you feel like you’re hearing about Zero Trust all the time, you’re not alone. The Zero Trust philosophy was already poised to be the next big thing in enterprise security, and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to reassess their security plans. Now that employees are working from home more than ever, creating a distributed security model is critical.

You already know that the first step to Zero Trust is to manage employee and contractor identities and access privileges. But what comes next? If you’re in a BYOD environment or have employees logging in from home, your devices might not always be trusted. You know TechJutsu can help with your identities, but did you know we can also help get you started with zero trust?

How it Works

We are excited to offer more value to our customers, so we’re always keeping an eye out for upcoming IAM tools! Recently we did a POC with Beyond Identity and Okta and discovered the following value adds:

  • Passwordless authentication: Beyond Identity replaces your password with a secure key exchange with your device.

  • Device Trust: The Beyond Identity authenticator ensures that your employees can only log in on trusted devices. You can allow employees to install Beyond Identity on their own devices in a BYOD environment – or lock it down to ensure that employees can only log in on your approved devices. The device certificate also creates an immutable identity record that ties each device to the apps it’s accessed and the changes it’s made on your corporate systems.

  • Quick and easy device status checks: The Beyond Identity authenticator app checks the device’s health and security posture every time your users log in. This means that every time your users connect, you know it’s them and that their devices are secure and healthy. You can even set device policy based on the results of a status check! For example, you can allow corporate devices to access your full suite of apps, while personal devices can only access a subset of your applications.

  • Audit made easy: The combination of Okta and Beyond Identity means you always know who accessed your key data and what device they used. And since you know the device status, you can quickly track and show the status of a user’s device when it carried out an action. So, if you’re working with sensitive data such as medical records, you can quickly show that all of the devices that were permitted to access these records had disk encryption turned on, and that it’s a requirement to access this data.

How TechJutsu can Help

TechJutsu can help you set up Beyond Identity quickly in your environment. Since Beyond Identity is a cloud-first provider, we can leverage your existing Okta installation or other IdP to get you up and running quickly. You might even qualify for a free proof-of-concept integration from us – contact us today to get qualified for this offer!

Your Next Steps

ready to get started with passwordless authentication? Book a meeting today to find the right passwordless solution for your organization.


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