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What is Unified Verification?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Unified Verification is harmonizing verification methods across online, mobile and call center experiences.

Users have it tough these days. In the race to avoid becoming the next security breach featured on the evening news, companies have added a patchwork of verification methods. These methods are often confusing, difficult to navigate and wildly different if you are using a mobile device, computer or just placing a telephone call.

Okta’s components are built with extensibility in mind, maintaining a seamless user experience across both desktop and mobile use cases.

What about the oft-forgotten call center?

Many security breaches have been caused by caller impersonation – hackers gaining access through easily guessed security questions or social engineering. This problem can be solved by extending the power of Okta to your call center.

Your brand is built on consistency and enhanced by security. You can eliminate weak security questions and create a common experience across all your web and mobile experiences, as well as your call center.

With the Okta verification extender, Caller Verify, you can achieve this unified experience in less than a day while realizing other benefits like:

· Reduce average handle time by verifying callers in less than 30 seconds

· Enhance your brand with a consistent, convenient caller experience

· Ensure your callers are who they say they are

Talk is cheap and we’d rather show than tell - To learn more here’s a link to our YouTube Caller Verify introduction video. Now that your interest is peaked, click this link to book a 15-minute demo today!


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