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TechJutsu's Maintenance Package

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Custom TechJutsu Icon that Represents the Maintenance of your Identity and Access Management Solution

TechJutsu is the whole package for your Identity and Access Management Solution or any part of the package that you need us to be! We can design every aspect of your IAM solution, or simply help you maintain existing solutions.

During the maintenance phase of our relationship, we monitor and maintain your Identity and Access Management solution either independently or hand in hand with your operations team. We provide you with health checks, new feature updates, suspicious activity reports, success meetings, and anything else you need to ensure the long-term operational success of your solution!

Return on Investment

Since your team is well calibrated for existing operations, we silently support them, allowing them to focus on what they do best. We reduce and avoid costs by:

  • Avoiding costly operational disruptions when we alert you to any problems found during our frequent health checks

  • Implementing new features as they come out to maximize the value of your product

  • Organizing success meetings to ensure that you're up to date on new trends and risks

  • Providing real-time reporting to keep auditors happy

Impress your team with how smoothly things continue to run!

Risk Management

At TechJutsu, we know the importance of keeping systems running. That's why we offer the tailored support you need in maintaining, updating, and getting the most out of your solution. We have a thorough understanding of North American laws and can help you pass every audit and avoid financial repercussions. TechJutsu helps maintain your solution and protect your organization from system failures.

How Does This Work?

Once your IAM solution is fully operational, TechJutsu can provide optional maintenance packages that include:

  • Health Checks - TechJutsu preforms a series of tests to determine whether upgrades are needed, if the systems performance can be improved upon, and test the overall health of the system.

  • Troubleshooting issues - if an issue arises with your system, TechJutsu is right there to diagnose the source of the problem and resolve it right away.

  • New Features - When new features are announced for your solution, TechJutsu can provide training and handle the upgrades.

  • Reporting - TechJutsu provides you with the information you need to make operational business decisions regarding your solution with easy to digest data

  • Success Meetings - Get the most out of your solution with frequent success meetings where TechJutsu provides updates on where there's room to improve the situation.

Your Next Steps

Book a meeting to learn what the maintenance package will look like for you!


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