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SiteMinder to Okta - Why Migrate?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Designing the Identity pillar of your digital transformation can come with a lot of questions such as:

  • How do you ensure your solution will support your digital transformation to the cloud?

  • How do you provide secure access to your systems while making sure people are who they say they are?

  • How do you provide compatibility with mobile devices?

  • How can you provide secure continuity of services during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Support your digital transformation by replacing costly and outdated infrastructure when you migrate from SiteMinder to Okta. Protect on-prem and cloud apps with a PaaS solution that easily scales to fit your changing organization. TechJutsu provides an experienced team to guide you through building your Identity pillar in your digital transformation.

Enhance Security

Secure Access to your SaaS, mobile apps, and single-page applications with modern authentication tools. Okta provides the most up-to-date authentication and authorization protocols, MFA from day one, and secure session generation.

Save Time

Enjoy a simpler deployment, reduced administration overhead, and easier upgrades. Thousands of pre-built app integrations and templates get your apps running in hours instead of days or weeks. Minimal components and a robust API makes programming easily manageable. Most upgrades are taken care of, making your upgrade path short and straightforward.

Save Money

A smaller server footprint, unified feature set and pricing, and a favourable expense structure makes for major cost savings. Manage an entire high-availability deployment on the Okta Identity Cloud. SSO, MFA, provisioning, and many more features come as a single product. Easily budget a consistent amount per year as Okta is a subscription service, not a major capital expense.

Return on Investment

TechJutsu delivers often and early to maximize your return on investment by:

  • Saving time with an easy to set up, configure, and maintain solution. Readily available integration templates, guides, and run books simplify the experience.

  • Saving money through a subscription-based model that reduces capital expenses. A low deployment footprint reduces infrastructure and administrative expenses.

  • Reducing security risks with essential security features including MFA, geofencing, IP zones, and session assurance supported for your cloud and on-prem, dramatically reducing your risk.

Migration Process

Let TechJutsu smoothly guide you through your SiteMinder to Okta migration. With comprehensive guides, easy to follow recommendations, and stunning visuals, TechJutsu makes any IAM project easy. We recommend a three-phase process to migrate from SiteMinder to Okta:

Your Next Steps

Book a meeting to learn how we can help you with your digital identity transformation!

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