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TechJutsu is on the cutting edge of Identity - focusing on partnering with organizations that are future-oriented, and employees who live and breathe Identity means you can rest assured you are picking the best team for the job. We don't have outsourced or offshore resources, meaning everyone is familiar with Canadian and American laws and business practices - and we're in your time zone!

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Improve end-user experiences by reliably integrating your cloud and on-premise applications so that users have access to all their applications with just one log-on. When combined with MFA, this provides the most secure access across your organization. Imagine how much more productive your employees can be with the time they save!

An icon that represents multi-factor authentication (mfa). A computer with a password next to a phone with a lock


Provide your employees, customers, and partners with simple and secure multi-factor solutions. TechJutsu's solutions are easy to deploy and maintain while providing the best end-user experience.


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TechJutsu minimizes security threats like separated users retaining access. We make your organization more efficient by working side-by-side with you to develop a Lifecycle Management System.
We are vendor agnostic and can work with your chosen product set or assist you in selecting the vendor that best meets your organization's needs. TechJutsu has experience in many Lifecycle Management Systems, including Okta, One Identity, SailPoint, ForgeRock, Hitachi ID Identity Manager, Ping, Oracle, and more.

An icon representing privileged access management. A man with a crown next to a safe


TechJutsu has multiple PAM Ninjas with over a decade of experience implementing PAM in Health, Government, Utilities, Retail, Financial, Oil & Gas, and Technology industries. 

We are highly agile, able to pivot and adjust with our clients' evolving needs. With Ninjas across Canada we are available and accountable to our clients. 


Reduce the risk of privileges accumulating over your users time with your organization by automatically attesting access. Enforce segregation of duties and other security policies to keep your auditors happy. Provide users with easy self-service access requests.

TechJutsu is familiar with North American audit requirements and governance so we can provide a solution that's right the first time. 

An icon reprsenting Identity Governance (IG) a man wearing a ninja mask next to a clipboard
An icon representing Identity of Things. A truck, a phone, a computer, and a meter, all in a circle around a signal symbol.


Reduce maintenance costs by using a centralized IDoT system to schedule maintenance and predict wear and tear. TechJutsu can help you create meaningful workflows between your Identity of People and Identity of Things to get the most out of your IAM program.

Caller Verify Favicon Blog.png


You'll know that your callers are who they say they are in record time with Caller Verify. Through multi-factor authentication you can rest assured that your customers information is protected, and avoid becoming the latest headline about a data breach. Watch our Caller Verify video to learn more.

The path to completing these projects does not have to be disruptive to your teams' daily activity. Get started with a free consultation to learn more about exactly how we can help you and your organization create the perfect Identity and Access Management solution. 

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